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Being an independent developer we have deep respect to data protection and privacy.

Our app users are not tracked in any way. We don't care, what, where, when you're downloading/saving/converting/moving files or media and so on. We are not a corporation of any sort and have no idea how to monetize, whatever data PullTube, Filepane, Shredo could theoretically give.

We are here to provide great service, constant app updates and help people from educational, music and creative industries, which most users represent (based on support and feature requests)

Not sure how convincing it sounds, but we tend to build honest and open relationship with our app users. Should you have any other questions, please let us know.
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Filepane - File Management

Expand the power of drag-and-drop.

File manager with quick actions based on file type.
OSX 10.11 or higher
Setapp is a subscription service for Mac and iOS apps. For $9.99/mo, use Filepane plus over 200 other apps. No extra fees, no ads.

See how Filepane works

Core Filepane Features Include

Drag-and-Drop Utility
Drop files, folders, images, text into Filepane and perform quick actions.
Fast, minimalist interface to optimize your workflows.
Convert edit and compress images
Edit, Convert, Compress images
Quickly crop, resize, convert images between formats PNG to JPEG, TIFF, BMP and backwards.
Compress images for web or reduce size.
Move and copy files
Move Files to Favorite Destination Folders
Set up your own list of your favorite destination folders. Copy and move files to clean your Mac screen faster than ever.
Word and glyph counter
Tools for Text and Text Files
Built-in word and character counter tool and various export options for highlighted text.
Convert RTF, TXT documents to PDF with just a click.

  • crop, rotate, resize, convert, compress images on the fly;
  • free hand drawing on your images and screenshots;
  • share content (e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Airdrop);
  • set, store desktop pictures;
  • quickly copy/move files to your custom popular destinations;
  • copy file size or path to clipboard;
  • see word and glyph count and various other handy options for highlighted text;
  • converting Text documents and images to PDF;
  • convert PDF into images (PNG, JPEG,TIFF and BMP);
  • create new Folders, RTF, TXT, Excel and Word files, where you need them

Filepane for Mac

Over 30 quick file actions at your finger tips! Optimize your workflows.

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OSX 10.11 or higher
Filepane for iMac
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