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Cut a YouTube video. How?

That piece from 2:35 to 5:50 was awesome! Is there a way to save a short clip within just that timeframe? Yes and it's easy.
I really enjoy those city time-lapses, especially in 4K. Occasionally, if the goal is to relax — going for nature sounds is the best choice.

However, most of my time spent on YouTube are interviews, video podcasts, motivational topics, new tech discussions. So, at some point, I was watching that 1:30 hour discussion with Yuval Noah Harari. If you've not read his books yet — highly recommended. He's also an amazing speaker and shares ideas about humanity that are worth taking note of.

Hm, I wonder. Is there a way to crop this part of their dialogue? It'd be great to have just that short clip shared with my friends to discuss.
Yeah, from time to time, I'm that spammy due in the chat …

Normally to accomplish this task, I'd download the entire video and then, use macOS Quick Look. Unfortunately, it works only with MP4 files.

For example, let's take a high resolution YouTube video. Most are now stored in Webm format. To extract our favorite scenes from it, we need to do the following:

Having studied the "trimming" topic for several days, figuring out how things work — Pulltube has got a new, unique feature.

3 easy steps — paste a link, modify duration, save the MP4 output. No need to convert or download the whole file.
Paste a Link
Video data is fetched in seconds. Select the video/audio quality, if needed.
Start Trim Mode
Click the video duration label, just near its thumbnail. Video preview will load the content and start playing automatically.
Click Enter Trimming mode button at the top.
Set Clip Duration
Adjust crop start and end timestamps with your Touch Bar or by dragging the timeline. Pause for a second to see more frames. Click on Trim button to apply changes.
This YouTube video cutter feature is just one of many convenient tricks Pulltube offers. Hope you find this short article helpful.

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