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Being an independent developer we have deep respect to data protection and privacy.

Our app users are not tracked in any way. We don't care, what, where, when you're downloading/saving/converting/moving files or media and so on. We are not a corporation of any sort and have no idea how to monetize, whatever data PullTube, Filepane, Shredo could theoretically give.

We are here to provide great service, constant app updates and help people from educational, music and creative industries, which most users represent (based on support and feature requests)

Not sure how convincing it sounds, but we tend to build honest and open relationship with our app users. Should you have any other questions, please let us know.
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Shredo - File Shredder

Securely erase files on your Mac & clean up browser privacy threats.
1-pass, 7-pass and 35-pass methods available.
OSX 10.11 or higher
Shredo shredding progress
Clean up browser cookies, history and other privacy threats.
Securely erase trash
Drag-and-drop files and folders on a circle with a desired shredding method. Use the + button to add files.
Shredo file shredding methods
Vertical and horizontal interface layouts

See how Shredo works

Hover or click yellow circles to see tooltips

Shredo's Core Features Include

Robust Data Shredding
Make sensitive data irrecoverable
Write random bytes over data once.
Algorithm based on Department of Defence 5220-20 M.
35-pass Gutman method
Privacy Clean Up
Privacy Clean Up
Remove cookies, history and other privacy threats in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi and Brave
Secure Empty Trash
Secure Empty Trash
Empty trash with one of the shredding methods
Dark Flexible Interface
Dark Flexible Interface
Enjoy the dark mode.
Flip interface between vertical and horizontal layout.

Shredo for Mac

Securely wipe data and remove browser cookies and history with ease!

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OSX 10.11 or higher
Clean up Browser data
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